1.   How do I update my profile?

You will be able to logon and update your profile using your user name and password you created. This can only be done once your profile and the information you provided is approved which can take 24-48 hrs. If you have problems logging on to your account click on reset or resend password, or both and you will be sent a confirmation email to the email you provided upon registration. Follow the prompts received the email, if you are still having problems please contact us.

2.   I want to hire talent or be submitted/audition for a job; how do I proceed?

Posting an event/job or submitting for a job are available upon setting up an employer account. Follow the easy steps on post a job or find a job, all jobs posted will have gone through an approval process. If you have submitted to audition for a job keep in mind; consideration although your interest, will be at the discretion of our client whether you are ideal for the job regardless of whether our team member, you or your agent submits you. Your submission will be considered based on your qualifications, how active you are on the site and in your field of talent, the advancement and current trends and demand in your area of expertise. You will be contacted if you are accepted.

We encourage you to keep in contact with the team member assigned to you (if applicable) whom has yours goals and design/management of your career in mind as this is an ever evolving and growing industry.  Our submission services in areas of talent(s) for our clients range in categories including; Models for vast industries, Music, Voice Ads, Actors for TV/Film, Makeup/Hair, Fashion, Motivational Speakers and Comedians to name a few and other services. We ensure our industry professionals and talent understand and adhere to our code of conduct or we terminate their profile/contract. Please also refer to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

3.   What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Its important to be active on the site (and be in contact with your agent, if applicable) to view all our job postings. This can be challenging tough industry, don’t give up. Your persistence and practice will determine your success, keep submitting for as many jobs as you can this will get you the experience you need. We will also post any links, or courses offered by us, or by our amazing clients, you may also at anytime contact your team member (if applicable) about any concerns regarding any changes and your career aspirations or job posting.

We endeavour to keep our website updated daily to ensure the best possible experience for our talent and industry professionals. We understand everyones needs or requirements are unique based on talent, location, time availability, special requests or needs. We have vast contacts in the industry, if you can’t find what your looking for we can assist to find it for you… Its what we do, please contact us! 

4.   Whom do I contact if I have a complaint about the service provided?

We encourage all our registrants who have performed or received a service to fill in and submit our online survey. We want to ensure you were satisfied with the talent and services provided and work hard to ensure you had and will continue to have the best possible experience with us.